Thanks to CTV and a Glenn Campbell for the awarding Kyle Athlete of the Week! The interview was very well done. Kyle handles himself so well on  camera. I would have froze and been tongue tied .I’ve included the link of interview below the picture




He’s Home!

Kyle is home safe and sound! Thanks to the Trolley 5 for helping us welcome Kyle home! Amazing establishment with great people working there! They totally helped make the day fun! Thank you so much to everyone for helping support Kyle along his journey! Without all of you , it wouldn’t have happened! Thank you also for all the sponsors who helped clothe, feed and house Kyle!


Thanks to the CMHA for this video of us welcoming Kyle as he officially arrives in Calgary.

One More Night!

Yes that’s one more night until Kyle walks into Calgary! Tonight there’s a frost advisory and he’s sleeping in a campground just outside of Calgary. Kyle’s also feeling sick, probably from the cool weather and rain. He will be very happy to be in his own bed tomorrow! We are looking welcoming Kyle back home at his arrival party! I’ll post pictures of the party Sunday.


One Step Leads to Friends and Family

Kyle is now in Banff!!! He was so excited to run into friends from Calgary! Later that same day his brother Shaun and Shaun’s girlfriend Sarah drove up to help him out and spend some time with him! He was thrilled to see his family! Rumour has it they visited a casino where Kyle gambled for the first time. Kyle is really looking forward to being home on Saturday and sleeping in his own bed. The weather forecast for later in the week shows cool weather and rain which will be a first for a Kyle this entire journey.