He’s Home!

Kyle is home safe and sound! Thanks to the Trolley 5 for helping us welcome Kyle home! Amazing establishment with great people working there! They totally helped make the day fun! Thank you so much to everyone for helping support Kyle along his journey! Without all of you , it wouldn’t have happened! Thank you also for all the sponsors who helped clothe, feed and house Kyle!


Thanks to the CMHA for this video of us welcoming Kyle as he officially arrives in Calgary.


Roger’s Pass

The Rogers Pass is quite the exciting route to drive through with the long tunnels and bridges. As for walking through the pass, those same features can be a little daunting. Kyle is hoping to be through this area in a few days. As seen in the picture, he hopes to be in Calgary by September 23. Kyle is really thankful for all the support from everyone getting him to this point.

Sleep tight…literally

Kyle has made it to the TransCanada Highway. This is exciting and scary at the same time as this means he’s half way home, however, he now has the infamous swervey highway and tunnels to soon contend with. Luckily his dad is going to help him through the tunnels so I can sleep at night 😀

Now as for the tent…I had to show it. Kyle is a little more than 6 feet. Well this tent must be made for a 5’11.5 foot person as he said there’s no extra room at all. Luckily the weather been great so he can keep the windows open, making it seem roomier for him.

One Step at a Time Eventually Leads to One Town at a Time for Mental Health

Kyle continues to make great time as he crossed a few more towns off his map today. Despite the overwhelming solitude, Kyle gets great satisfaction out of ticking off the towns back to Calgary knowing he is helping others to speak out about any mental health issues.

Kyle found some more “friends” today but they were a little difficult to get to. I wouldn’t be surprised though if they suddenly went missing and they were found near Kyle’s campground waiting to walk up the nearest mountain with him 🐐🐐😜.

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Kyle made it to Hope! Stayed a few nights in an interesting motel who was very kind to him. Thanks for the hospitality! His dad showed up and they sorted out the next part of the route because who knew there’s rules and laws about walking on highways. Thanks to Jayman Homes and McSweeney’s for the cool shirts and to Treetop marketing and promotions for the flag.